Are you sitting comfortably?


It’s 2am and I’m in a coffee shop at Dubai airport. I’ve just spent the last 7 hours sandwiched between a Londoner with an indecipherable neck tattoo and a guy who’s recently moved to Hatfield from Mumbai. In between repeatedly asking why I’m not married and making uncomfortable jokes about ‘calling me up’ he spills mango juice everywhere, allowing me to escape into in flight entertainment and ‘tube face’ (a hard faced, jaw clenched scowl used on the London Underground used to deflect potential human interaction).

I’ve just left London, my home for the last 7 years and the majority of my 20s, to move to Rio. A dream born of a three week, drunken university trip seven years ago and cemented by an avid study of Brazilian current affairs and comms trends.

Working in communications and sustainability for the last 5 years, Brazil has always been of interest for it’s seeming consumer demand for organic and natural products, optimistic outlook, love of social media, boom in social enterprise and upcoming sporting events (which I suspect guarantee me visitors next year). However, the riots that rocked the country earlier on this year reveal a complex country, divided between north and south, rich and poor, a government out of touch with the desires of its people, a big value/action gap and a serious issue with green washing.

I’ve bought a round the world ticket, heading to Rio via Hong Kong and Australia to learn more about Brazil, it’s people, culture and the opportunities and barriers it faces in its developments and future. This is a blog about it (who knew).

So, here it is: a blog on comms, sustainability, lifestyle and culture from an ex- strategic planner, lover of kitsch and general mischief maker. Feel free to comment, heckle or disagree…… Enjoy.